Every New Year we make tons of New Year resolutions. Every New Year, we forget them as quickly. Life is busy, attention span is poor & motivation fizzles.

However, there are a few things, which are not an option. They are a MUST DO this 2017. Here is my list. You know the details of each one already, I am simply bringing your attention back to them.

  1. Eat Healthy. Eat mindfully. Have what is good for me, even if I don’t like it most. Minimal outside food.
  2. Exercise. Even if for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. No excuses. NO MORE EXCUSES. (Yes, I needed that caps lock for all the days – I am too tired, too busy, too stressed, too happy blah blah.)
  3. Meditate. Every single day, every given opportunity. I practice that even today. Just need to make sure that I am not slacking. By the way, one especially needs to find time for it on days when we are too busy or too distracted.
  4. Sleep. And sleep a good 6-8 hours. Everyday. No, ‘making up’ on weekends for sleep deprivation during the week, is dumb. Its like starving 6 days & then eating 2 kgs of food on the weekend, at one go!
  5. Read. Even more. I am a voracious reader & I read every single day. However, sometimes I just get tied down to reading stuff on my smartphone. I am going to break that habit & read atleast a few pages from a physical book every single day. Its therapeutic.
  6. Travel. To places far & wide. If there’s one thing that makes me happy, it is traveling. I love meeting new people, exploring new places, music, food, creating memories. Well, I need to do much more of that in 2017.

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  7. Learn a new skill. Something that isn’t related to my work. May be play a guitar, new dance form, new language or so.
  8. Give lesser f*&ks to things that don’t deserve my attention. Things & people will always bother us. But, its not worth giving mindspace to every incident. I have to chose the people worth worrying about.
  9. Dedicate time to things that will outlive me. I spend some time doing things for two causes close to my heart- Child Education & Cancer Patients Care. I hope to carve out more time for both in 2017. At the end of the day, its what we do for others that really matters. It also brings a sense of purpose into our own lives. Are you passionate about any such causes? Do tell.
  10. Lastly, I will write that book which has been long pending. But, 2017 is the year I hope to get it published. If I slack, feel free to send me nasty reminders!


pc: shutterstock
pc: shutterstock

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Hope you are having a lot of fun, cheer & wine!

However, please don’t feel guilty if for any reason its not the best holiday season for you. Loss, defeat, hurt or failure are all part of life. And holidays are not time for us to be compulsively cheerful. May be you can take this time to heal yourself & feel better.

In both scenarios, I am sending you love & light.

If you have  pictures with stories of celebration or any other memory, do share. I would love to feature them!

Be Happy!

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I am the Founder & Director of Azure, Strategic Brand Consulting Firm based in Mumbai. I have had the good fortune of traveling across far away lands. I have also met some incredible people- monks, healers, leaders, magicians, entrepreneurs and more. This blog is an attempt to share these moments. If it strikes a chord with even one person or makes you smile, the purpose would have been served.


  1. Hey there. I wish I could have attached the pics of how the junior enjoyed the christmas but after a long day its too much of an effort.
    I am inspired after reading your post to write a blogpost but my plans will be more or less same on your lines with heakth and exercise being priority, taking my blog to the next level, spend more time with my son and contribute back the blogging community in my best yet little possible ways . Wishing you and your family a great festive season and a Happy new Year

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