Rain & rainbows!

I suffered a shoulder injury last June. Unfortunately, it was also misdiagnosed at the start. That resulted in a long journey of endless physiotherapy sessions with different experts. Acupressure, Acupuncture, Shock wave, you name it- I went through it. My left arm has also been in a sling for last 5 months.

As you can imagine, nagging pain over a long period of time can be exhausting. It drains you physically & emotionally.

One such evening when I was feeling weak & tired, a friend visiting from out of India called me and insisted that we have dinner together. I managed to motivate myself to make the trip to this Bandra restaurant cos amongst other things, this place is one of my favorites.

As I entered the restaurant, there was a little boy playing with his friends/ siblings, while his mom (I supposed she was the mother) was talking with her friends. Just when I was walking past this bunch of happy ones, the little boy turned around and almost screamed out of joy saying- “you broke your hand too!!!!”

That’s when I noticed his right arm was in a sling. I could understand his absolute delight in seeing me, like finding a partner in crime. I burst out laughing as did his parents & all others who heard his gleeful shriek.

11 months of complex injury, excruciating pain, medication, hundreds of physiotherapy sessions but happiness like this- priceless!

Sometimes, you got to step out in the rain to see the rainbow. I did.



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Why Kumbhathon: because India needs it! Few days back, I was listening to our Prime Minister make a promise to the world. In an inspiring tone he said: India is the best place for startups to set up their business because we have: Democracy. Demography. Demand. Sounds great doesn’t it? Its true as well.

In the ancient times, spice merchants carried exotic goods, traveling to lands far & wide. The terrain was tough, journey long and they had no way of advertising their arrival. However, as they made their way through towns, the aroma of spices wafted through the air and announced their presence.