About Me

Happy to tell you a little bit about myself.

I am the Founder of ‘Akancha Srivastava Foundation’, a not for profit organization focused on education & empowerment on subject of cyber safety. ‘Akancha Against Harassment’ , a social impact initiative of the Foundation is India’s largest social impact initiative for cyber safety. I launched this on 26th February, 2017. It is uniquely supported by Indian Police across India. The initiative also runs India’s only multilingual AI chat helpline for cyber safety. We have won several international awards for our proven track record as well smart use of technology including the Canada Fintech Award  to Haptik for applying AI for such a large social good.
You can read more about the initiative here- https://akanchaagainstharassment.com/

I  ran a successful Brand strategy firm prior to launching this initiative where I had amazing experiences consulting large global brands on their market entry in India including Deloitte Consulting, Red Hat, Barclays Wealth & number of startups/ Venture Capitalists like Accel Partners, Mumbai Angels, Apalya Technologies amongst others.
I am on the mentor panel for various reputed organisations like Seedcamp, Nasscom, Tie and others.

You can read more about Azure (the Brand Strategy firm) here- https://azureonline.net/

I have had the good fortune of traveling far & wide, meeting some incredible people and unforgettable experience. My life is a story of blessings & miracles. Via this blog I hope to share this ray of sunshine with you all. Also looking forward to hearing from the readers on what makes the world go round for you.

Wishing you the best always 🙂