I suffered a shoulder injury last June. Unfortunately, it was also misdiagnosed at the start. That resulted in a long journey of endless physiotherapy sessions with different experts. Acupressure, Acupuncture, Shock wave, you name it- I went through it. My left arm has also been in a sling for last 5 months.

As you can imagine, nagging pain over a long period of time can be exhausting. It drains you physically & emotionally.

One such evening when I was feeling weak & tired, a friend visiting from out of India called me and insisted that we have dinner together. I managed to motivate myself to make the trip to this Bandra restaurant cos amongst other things, this place is one of my favorites.

As I entered the restaurant, there was a little boy playing with his friends/ siblings, while his mom (I supposed she was the mother) was talking with her friends. Just when I was walking past this bunch of happy ones, the little boy turned around and almost screamed out of joy saying- “you broke your hand too!!!!”

That’s when I noticed his right arm was in a sling. I could understand his absolute delight in seeing me, like finding a partner in crime. I burst out laughing as did his parents & all others who heard his gleeful shriek.

11 months of complex injury, excruciating pain, medication, hundreds of physiotherapy sessions but happiness like this- priceless!

Sometimes, you got to step out in the rain to see the rainbow. I did.



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I am the Founder & Director of Azure, Strategic Brand Consulting Firm based in Mumbai. I have had the good fortune of traveling across far away lands. I have also met some incredible people- monks, healers, leaders, magicians, entrepreneurs and more. This blog is an attempt to share these moments. If it strikes a chord with even one person or makes you smile, the purpose would have been served.

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