This picture was taken from top of the Empire State. I remember being excited at the prospect of getting there & looking down at the gorgeous city of New York. I had seen so many photos of people from this point that it was a must-do on my places to visit.

I remember that the day had been particularly stressful for me. I had been working late into the night. My team in India was facing some unexpected challenges. I was a bit under the weather with all the travel exhaustion.

But, I was not going to give up on this plan for sure. I had sat out on the patio of my Air BnB a few blocks away for last 3 days having my morning tea & looking at this building standing out like a king amongst all others. But, I had to take care of some other stuff before getting to it.

At last, I was here today. Everything about this majestic building is beautiful including the very old, rustic lift, which takes you to the top. Crowd management by the staff is impeccable. Due to heightened security risks, every person & their baggage is carefully scanned, yet there is nothing chaotic about the process. People waited respectfully for their turn even as hundreds had gathered for the breathtaking view.

As I stepped out of the lift on to the 102th floor, I was totally stunned by the unrestricted view of the city far below. It was an unbelievable 360 degree canvas of the busy life hundred and more floors below. But, high up here, it was only calm & windy.


It sent me into a thoughtful mood for a few minutes. All the earlier stressful issues looked so small in that moment. The beauty & largeness of the picture ahead of me captivated my mind. I knew in that moment that life is so much beyond the momentary worries. But, we hold on to them even when we go to sleep.

Here I was, atop an iconic structure, looking out at a beautiful city. And just like this one, there are hundreds of other views waiting for me. All over the world. If only, I lay down the burdens I don’t need to carry all the time. They need to be kept aside to be able to view the bigger picture.

I have begun to do that in my life. Have you?


I am the Founder & Director of Azure, Strategic Brand Consulting Firm based in Mumbai. I have had the good fortune of traveling across far away lands. I have also met some incredible people- monks, healers, leaders, magicians, entrepreneurs and more. This blog is an attempt to share these moments. If it strikes a chord with even one person or makes you smile, the purpose would have been served.

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